Multi-State CCW

Wednesday+Saturday Start: 0950 hrs


Archangel is the premiere training company in Las Vegas for Concealed Carry instruction.  Our comprehensive class covers a wide variety of topics including concealed carry mindset, self defense tactics, handgun mechanics, ammunition selection, methods of carry, Nevada CCW laws and more.  Archangel strives to provide the most progressive handgun shooting instruction in the city for concealed carry.  On the range, students will work out of a holster learning essential techniques such as the 5-Step Draw, the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship, shooting from the hip and shooting on the move.  They will leave inspired and empowered with relevant knowledge and a practical skill set.  Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive an Archangel Certificate and a signed CCW application for submission to Metro. 

Nevada :  $75              Multi-State :  $100              Private :  $125


What to bring to class

Armed Guard

Monday + Tuesday Start: 1030 hrs


This is a mandatory 2-day, 13-hour course approved by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board for all security guards employed in an armed capacity.  In order for Armed Guards to maintain their armed status, they must successfully pass a re-qualification course of fire every six months.  Archangel has Certified Firearms Instructors who can administer both the initial and subsequent qualification tests. *An Employee Verification Form is required for admittance.

Initial 2-Day Class:  $150 + $25 Money Order      Re-Qualification Test:  $40


Tactical Pistol I, II, III, IV

Monday – Friday Hours: Call for Appt


This series of classes begins with the basics of firearm handling including the 4 Basic Safety Rules, the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship and the 5-Step Draw. Tactical Pistol II + III build on the foundation established in Tactical I, adding advanced skills such as shooting on the move, shooting from a kneeling position, tactical reloading, engaging multiple targets and shooting from cover.  Tactical IV adds an another element of difficulty, shooting in low-light conditions. Upon completion of this series, students will have a well rounded arsenal of firearm handling techniques, a proper combat mindset and the ability to apply this knowledge in a variety of practical situations.

Single Tactical Class:  $100     Private Single Tactical Class:  $125


Intro to Shotgun

1st Thurs each Month 1100 hrs - 1400 hrs

Tactical Shotgun

3rd Thurs each Month 1100 hrs - 1400 hrs


The shotgun is a very versatile weapon and mostly underused.  Topics in this class include shotgun mechanics, parts and accessories, types of ammunition, safe handling techniques, marksmanship fundamentals and cleaning your shotgun. Students will also shoot live fire exercises on the range.  This is a great class for beginners.  It is also a prerequisite to our Tactical Shotgun course.

Tactical Shotgun expands on the basic skill set acquired in the Into Class.  Advanced techniques will be covered such as select loads, slinging, transitioning to handgun, common malfunctions, shooting from kneeling and prone positions, shooting from cover and engaging multiple targets.

Intro to Shotgun:  $75      Tactical Shotgun:  $100       Review a Class:  $20


February 2, 2017


February 16,  2017

AR 15 Basics

2nd Thurs each Month 1030 hrs - 1330 hrs


Learn the basics of handling, shooting, disassembling + cleaning an AR15.  The Fundamentals of Marksmanship will be reviewed and students will shoot live fire exercises on the range.  An introduction to tactical uses of the AR15 as well as basic movement with the firearm will also be covered.

$100 per person


Women Only Intro to Handguns

2nd + 4th Tuesday   1400 hrs - 1530 hrs


Ladies will learn about handgun parts, the firing sequence, how to field strip and clean a firearm, ammunition selection and what to consider when purchasing a firearm. Once students have an understanding of handgun operation, they will learn the Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship and progress to the range to shoot.  *Gun rental is available at The Range 702.

$50 per person