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Archangel Training Solutions is a progressive firearms training company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a privately run company devoted to the principles of safe handling and operation of small arms and weapons.  Our classes range from beginners and first time shooters to advanced military and law enforcement operators. We offer specialized private training classes specifically designed to address the needs and skill level of each participant.

Our mission is simple; educate, motivate + inspire. We educate our clients with critical, relevant information. We motivate them to develop sound shooting fundamentals through consistent, focused practice. We inspire self confidence and awareness in them through the practical application of tactical techniques so they may protect themselves and those they love.



Sarge and Stephanie are awesome! They are excellent instructors that really care and take the time to make sure you learn the necessary skills you need to defend yourself with a weapon, as well as teaching the legal requirements that go with the responsibility of having a CCW in a fun and safe environment. (Not to mention they both have an awesome sense of humor! We plan on attending the advanced course, and I plan on attending the women’s course.

“The Best CCW Class in the Valley!” - TRIP ADVISOR, Review of The Range 702, February 2017


CCW class taught was informative exciting interesting and a Blast! These instructors are underrated. They are Celebrity Status and Steph is Hot! It’s obvious from the moment you enter the facility until you leave how professional, courteous and kind these people are and LOVE what they do! They make you feel like a team member in class and especially on the range. ‘SO DON’T SCREW THIS UP!’ ‘GO HERE!’ Participate, you will leave informed and excited! Best value in Vegas, FIVE STARS!!!!!
— "Steph & Sarge Dynamic Duo!" TRIP ADVISOR, Review of The Range 702, May 31, 2016
Hey Guys & Gals - I have been in the Fed Gov’t for approx. 37 years and the Firearms Safety Course I just took at Range 702 with Archangel Training Solutions was by far and away...one of the best courses I have taken. The material was up to date, the curriculum was exciting...not a dull moment. The Instructors (Steph & Sarge) were refreshing, funny and very knowledgeable and made each topic exciting very relative. The range experience was such a blast also. Not just your typical plinking but we were able to put some the tactics that we had learned in the classroom into action. The 8 hours passed and I didn’t want to leave. Thanks Team for such a fun learning experience and the tools I need to be safe and aware. - R/Mel Pickens
— Mel P.'s 5 Star Review of The Range 702 on YELP
I have just completed one of THE best CCW Training classes that I have ever attended. The class was instructed by two of the foremost small arms trainers in the country. “Sarge” and Stephanie Costello of ‘ARCHANGEL’ Training Solutions. The course, as prescribed by State Law to obtain a CCW Permit was conducted Safely, thoroughly and Comprehensively because of the combined knowledge and experience of these two fine instructors. You expect training, but this class excelled in it with the instructors’ intent to impart MORE to the course than you would receive at any other facility which holds these courses. The safe handling and knowledge of your weapon with added training which incorporated “The Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship” with training in the “Five Step Draw” all incorporated in the Range with live ammunition. You will NOT get this training elsewhere! - J.Q. 5-31-2016
— "Training at The Range 702" Trip Advisor Review, May 31, 2016