CCW Class Equipment List


The following is a suggested list of equipment to bring to class.  Please bring in any items on the list that you currently have in your possession. If you do not have an item on the list below, it is NOT necessary to purchase the item prior to attending the class.  In some instances, such as buying a gun or holster, we recommend first trying a few different products to see what features you like before making a purchase.  Archangel conducts all firearms training working out of the holster. Archangel will do it's best to accommodate students and provide them with the gear they need to participate and have a safe and enjoyable experience.  If you are attending a training at our main classroom at The Range 702, you can rent a handgun there for $15 (plus the cost of a box of ammo) to use for shooting drills on the firing range.  *Archangel will inspect all students' firearms and gear prior to going on the range.


Quality handgun in good working condition

Semi - Automatics - minimum (2) magazines

Revolvers - minimum (2) speed loaders

Double Magazine Carrier

Ammunition - (50) cartridges

Strong - Side Holster preferably OWB

Pants with appropriate belt loops

Sturdy Belt

Hat with a Brim

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Suitable footwear for rapid movement

Pen (with black ink) and paper for taking notes